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We offer sophisticated solutions for enhancing print and mail operations, providing a streamlined approach to expanding your business functionalities. Our systems integrate seamlessly as an inline or standalone unit, and are perfect for businesses requiring speedy turnarounds on production jobs for small-to-large runs. We take pride in providing the latest technological advancements to improve efficiency and productivity in your operations. With our systems, you can depend on a top-tier performance that maximizes your output while minimizing operational costs. Don't let manual processes hold back your business growth; take advantage of our revolutionary solutions to accelerate your expansion and elevate your business capabilities. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help optimize your print and mail operations.

What Benefits Does Automation Bring?

When considering the purchase of an automated mail processing system, businesses often conduct extensive research to find the best solution for their specific needs. Here are some key reasons why smart feeder-folder mailing systems are highly sought after.



Smart feeder-folder mailing systems automate the process of sorting, folding, and inserting documents into envelopes, eliminating the need for manual labor in these repetitive tasks. This automation significantly speeds up the mailing process, saving businesses considerable time and effort.


Cost Savings

While the initial investment in a smart feeder-folder system can be significant, it pays off in the long run through reduced labor costs and streamlined operations. By minimizing the need for manual labor and human intervention, businesses can cut down on staffing expenses and redirect their workforce towards more valuable tasks.


Accuracy and Error Reduction

Manual mail processing is prone to human errors, such as mis-folds, misplacements, or incorrect inserts. Smart feeder-folder systems, on the other hand, have built-in quality control mechanisms, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring accurate and reliable mail processing.



As businesses grow and mailing volumes increase, handling the mail manually becomes even more challenging. Smart feeder-folder systems offer scalability, accommodating higher volumes without compromising on efficiency or accuracy. This adaptability allows businesses to manage their mail processing needs seamlessly, regardless of fluctuations in demand.


Digital Integration

Smart feeder-folder mailing systems can integrate with existing digital systems, allowing businesses to automate the process of converting electronic documents into physical mail. This integration enhances workflow efficiency, reduces redundancy, and creates a seamless communication experience for customers.


Enhanced Security

Certain industries, such as finance, healthcare, and legal sectors, must adhere to strict data protection and privacy regulations. Smart feeder-folder systems can offer enhanced security features, such as tracking and auditing capabilities, ensuring that sensitive information is handled securely and compliantly throughout the mailing process.

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Customize Your Automation

At Appropriate Mailing Equipment, we understand that every business has unique mail processing needs. That’s why we offer the ability to customize our smart feeder-folder systems to suit your specific requirements. Our highly versatile machines can be programmed to handle various document sizes, formats, and folding patterns, allowing for personalized and targeted mailings. With our customization options, you can optimize the mail processing workflow to match your business’s preferences and achieve the most efficient results. Whether you need to process different types of documents, work with specific envelope sizes, or implement specific sorting criteria, our smart feeder-folder systems can be tailored to deliver the perfect solution for your mailroom operations. Experience the power of flexibility and efficiency with our customizable smart feeder-folder machines.

Feedline 14

Automated Single sheet feeder inline folding. Many applications have a single sheet, prime document, that needs to be folded from 8.5”X11” and then one or two pre-printed items or a return envelope. This sort of regular application is ideal for a Feedline to eliminate the offline folding process of the prime document.
More importantly there is no need for any mechanical change to the host machine.

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